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To the Members of the European Parliament: cut single-use plastic!

Rethink Plastic & #breakfreefromplastic invite the European Parliament to be at the vanguard of tackling plastic pollution and vote to close the tap of single-use plastic.

Reusable & toxic-free menstrual products

How can we make women’s lives better & curb plastic pollution at the same time? By making reusable and toxic-free menstrual items accessible and affordable! Read Zero Waste Europe and HEJ Support’s policy paper.

Preventing plastics: the story of the FreiburgCup

Zero Waste Europe presents the story of the FreiburgCup, or how a medium-sized city can put an end to the flood of single-use coffee cups thanks to deposit schemes.

The case for taxing plastics

Taxing plastics can help lead to a responsible use of the material by triggering reduction of both production and consumption. Read our report!

Menstrual items? Let them be reusable & toxic free!

#breakfreefromplastic’s infographic calls attention to women’s health while fighting plastic pollution. Reusable toxic-free solutions already exist, we just need to make them accessible!

Why “bioplastics” won’t solve plastic pollution

What are actually the so-called “bioplastics”, and why they wont solve the plastic pollution crisis? Find it out in our infographic.

Still finding excuses? Time for Europe to act against plastic bag pollution

On the 9th International Plastic Bag Free Day, EU countries still lag behind in phasing out single-use plastic bags, according to Surfrider Foundation Europe’s report.

Preventing plastics: the story of ReCircle

Zero Waste Europe presents the story of Recircle, the Swiss social enterprise that is putting an end to the flood of single-use containers for take-away food, while saving money for cities and restaurants, at zero cost to consumers.

Artists attack plastic pollution this Earth Day

Beach artists are making enormous protest artworks urging us to #breakfreefromplastic. A project lead by Rethink Plastic members EEB and Surfrider Foundation Europe.

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