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7 Steps to Effectively Legislate Chemical Recycling

Our new joint statement on Chemical Recycling seeks to influence current discussions on the role of chemical recycling in waste management and critically, to counter industry greenwashing.

Make it Right. Time for Europe to act against plastic bag pollution

In time for Plastic Bag Free Day 2020 see Surfrider’s latest report on the status of plastic bag measures across the EU!

Five Recommendations to reinforce the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive with prevention and reuse measures

Policy recommendations to ensure prevention and reuse measures take center stage in Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive by Rethink Plastic.

Recycled Carbon Fuels in the Renewable Energy Directive

This briefing with Bellona & Zero Waste Europe highlights concerns regarding fuels derived from non-renewable waste streams under the REDII.

Local guidance for implementing the Single-Use Plastics Directive

Guidance for municipality officials implementing the Single-Use Plastics Directive at the local, city and community level.

Spotlight on plastic pellets

See ECOS’s on-the-go briefing on the problem of plastic pellets and the need for a new EU law to clean them up.

Counting Carbon: a lifecycle assessment guide for plastic fuels

Converting fossil plastics to fuels is sometimes marketed as a part of the solution to the environmental and waste problems the plastic industry is currently facing. This briefing shows that when full cradle-to-grave lifecycle assessments are made, the fossil carbon embedded within plastics becomes much more apparent.

Our ocean needs actions not promises: towards a regulatory approach to prevent plastic pellet loss in the EU

This briefing, produced by Fauna & Flora International, the Environmental Investigation Agency and Fidra, outlines the urgent action that we recommend the European Commission should take to ensure that all pellets are handled responsibly across the plastic supply chain.

Letter regarding restriction proposal for lead stabilisers in PVC

NGO letter supporting the Commission’s proposal to restrict the use of lead in PVC.

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