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NGO letter reiterates support for restrictions on all intentionally added microplastics

NGO letter for key decision makers reiterating support for restrictions on all intentionally added microplastics under EU chemicals legislation.

NGO’s position for an impactful restriction of microplastics

NGO position paper on ambitious microplastics policy under REACH.

Guide for the implementation of the SUP and PRF directives tackling sea-based pollution

Implementation guide focused on measures which curb sea-based pollution, looking specifically at the SUP and PRF directives.

Reusable solutions: How governments can help stop single-use plastic pollution

Reusables report calls on national governments to scale up successes across Europe to move towards resusable solutions.

Guide for national decision makers to implement the single-use plastics directive

This guide outlines the key elements of the SUP Directive and makes some recommendations on how national decision makers can best implement its provisions on single-use plastic.

Comments on the registration of polymers

Position paper on the registration of polymers, signed by NGOs ahead of the November meeting of the Competent Authorities for REACH and CLP (CARACAL).

Rethink Plastic alliance: reduce, redesign and manage responsibly

Let’s rethink plastic and break free from it!

Unfolding the single-use plastics directive

The EU single-use plastics directive is not just about banning straws! Zero Waste Europe presents an overview of the legislation, with recommendations for effective implementation at the national level.

Plastic & climate: the hidden costs of a plastic planet

Besides impacting the oceans, ecosystems, and human health, the plastic crisis contributes to global greenhouse gas emissions and climate breakdown. Read the report by CIEL and Break Free From Plastic.

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