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Plastic & Health: The Hidden Costs of a Plastic Planet

The lifecycle impacts of plastic paint an unequivocally toxic picture: plastic threatens human health on a global scale. Read the latest report by CIEL and Break Free From Plastic.

ECHA, don’t let the industry kill a tool to trace harmful chemicals in products

Trade groups are urging the European Chemicals Agency to drop its plan to create a database of the most dangerous chemicals. Here’s NGOs’joint letter calling on ECHA to stick to its guns.

Measures to slay the plastic pollution dragon

Rethink Plastic urge EU institutions to adopt ambitious measures to slay the plastic pollution dragon and protect our environment and health. Check out the flyer.

Plastics in the Interface between Chemicals, Products and Waste

We want plastic products to be toxic-free, chemical ingredients to be traced, and harmful chemicals to be phased out. Read our contribution to the interface consultation.

European Parliament, halt the tide of single-use plastics!

Rethink Plastic & Break Free From Plastic members from all over Europe call on the European Parliament to take the lead in tackling single-use plastic pollution.

To the Members of the European Parliament: cut single-use plastic!

Rethink Plastic & #breakfreefromplastic invite the European Parliament to be at the vanguard of tackling plastic pollution and vote to close the tap of single-use plastic.

Reusable & toxic-free menstrual products

How can we make women’s lives better & curb plastic pollution at the same time? By making reusable and toxic-free menstrual items accessible and affordable! Read Zero Waste Europe and HEJ Support’s policy paper.

Civil society & progressive businesses put to rest single-use plastic directive fears

Rethink Plastic, Break Free From Plastic and partners from civil society and progressive business across Europe reply to the fears of the packaging industry on single-use plastics

Preventing plastics: the story of the FreiburgCup

Zero Waste Europe presents the story of the FreiburgCup, or how a medium-sized city can put an end to the flood of single-use coffee cups thanks to deposit schemes.

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