It’s high time to Rethink Plastic

The Rethink Plastic alliance works with European decision-makers to design and deliver policies solutions for a future free from plastic pollution.
We call for urgent action in 3 key areas: reduction, redesign and better management of plastics.

Our key asks

  • Reduce plastic production & consumption
    Reduce plastic production & consumption
    To cut plastic pollution at source

    Let’s close the tap of plastic pollution by cutting the use of single-use items, overpackaging and top littered products, while eliminating microplastics and oxoplastics.

    Preventing plastic waste must be a priority, followed by reuse and recycling, with landfill or incineration as a last resort. With the right economic incentives and a strong legislative framework, we can reduce our plastic footprint and promote a responsible use of plastics.

    Reduce plastic production & consumption
  • Redesign plastic products
    Redesign plastic products
    To make the circular economy come true

    Let’s make plastics responsible by design: long-lasting, reusable, recyclable, toxic-free, and incorporating recycled content.

    It’s about producers taking responsibility for the products they put on the market, eco-design being extended to all plastic products, chemical ingredients being traced, and harmful chemicals being phased out.

    Redesign plastic products
  • Improve plastic waste management
    Improve plastic waste management
    To end landfill, incineration and leakages of plastics into the environment

    Let’s ensure a responsible, local management of plastic waste, by empowering producers, retailers and municipalities to achieve maximum collection and safe recycling, while avoiding leakages into the environment.

    The key? Improved collection, better monitoring, and economic incentives to support safe recycling and discourage the use of virgin plastic.

    Improve plastic waste management
Rethink Plastic